DEVOUR all the Chased and or Chomp Chips from your board before any of your opponents

The Set Up

each team needs:

4 Devoured Dice

1 Feeding Frenzy Quest Board

6 Colored Chase Chips

(match the color of the chips to the board)

(match the color of the chips to the board)

The Red Chomp Chips are placed in the middle with the point side facing down for use starting in Round 2.


Round 1:

The youngest player (or best looking) yells, “DEVOUR” and the action begins!

Each team or player starts rolling their 4 Devouring Dice.

(Solo player = 4 dice/ Team Players = 2 dice each)

All teams (or players) are rolling at the same time and continuously till a round is over.

When a team or player rolls Double Devours (2 dice match) you can devour (remove) the corresponding Chased or Chow Down Chip from the board: